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It happen lot of time,  with all of us that we begin our journey with lot of enthusiasm but we end up losing stuff or getting stuck in an odd situation, meet an accident or the things we decide to achieve from journey they don’t work out.

If you take care of little astrological remedies things before beginning your journey you can achieve a successful results and safe journey.

Here are the things you should take care according to master Deepak ji.  Before begging your journey.

Directions in which one should not travel on particular days, this will prevent any kind of loss during journey.

  • Travelling should be avoided on Saturday, Monday & Wednesday.  As per Hindi calendar travelling should be avoided in mool nakstra, shravan, pratipada, and navmi.
  • Journey towards south should be avoided on Thursday and panchmi (5th) & tryodishi (3rd)  tithi  ashwini nakshtra.
  • Avoid journey towards north direction on Wednesday, Sunday & Tuesday and dashmi  (10th)and dwitya (2nd)  tithi and on pushya nakshatra.
  • Avoid journey towards west direction – on Thursday & Sunday and  sashti (6th ) and chaturthi (4th) tithi   and on rohini nakshatra.

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If you will take care of time before you begin your journey your goals of journey will be achieved.

  • Journey towards east direction should be avoided in dawn time.
  • At night journey towards north should be avoided
  • At noon journey towards west should be avoided.
  • At twilight don’t begin your journey towards west.

There are some good signals and some bad signals which bring in   good or bad luck if they happen before the start of the journey.

Signs and omens  that are considered auspicious  if seen before the journey begins or during the journey  are  seeing the weeping less funeral, cow, horse, elephant, mongoose, fish,  married woman, priest, flowers and peacock farms of cereals, fruit bearing  trees . All these signals will bring in good luck during journey.

Signs and omens that are considered inauspicious if seen before the journey begins or during the journey –   

Gold smith, weeping people, widow, women with open hair, cat, leather, chopped lime on road, weeping dog, dogs fight, dried or dead trees, cactus .   All these are bad omens and they bring in bad luck during journey.

If you want to shift and settle in any other city or country but you are facing hindrances in the same, you should take care of Rahu as the malefic effects of rahu effects create problems in shifting abroad or any other city. Especially when you are going through Rahu maha dasha during your journey you can lose your stuff, get cheated or much more can happen.  Following things will help you achieving your goals and safety in this scenario

  • Reciting rahu mantra, Rahu Stotra or Rahu Beej mantra, reduces bad effect of rahu and gets you his blessings and helps you settling abroad.
  • Wear 8 Mukhi Rudraksh, this helps in achieving such goals and keeps you safe during journey.  .
  • Recite chapter 1 of Durga Saptashti if your rahu maha dasha  is  going on this will keep you away from any kind of malefic effects  of Rahu that can hinder your journey.
  • Fast on Saturdays also helps settling abroad quickly.

Here are few Small tips that can help you coming over the bad omens

  • Eat a spoon of curd and sugar before going out of the house.
  • Take blessings of elders before you leave from house.
  • If any member of the house is going for a long journey, any other house member should fill in a glass of water from the (tap outside the house if possible) cover the glass and keep it in temple area till he or she returns from journey. This ensures the safety of traveller.  After traveller is back the glass water should be given to plant preferably tulsi (basil). It is said falling of this glass is warning of any upcoming mishap.
  • One should not begin the journey in rahoo kaal, always begin your journey 10 – 15 minutes before rahu kal starts or end.
  • Try to avoid travel during eclipse.
  • Try to avoid travelling on pitra paksh
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