Do you know Astrology can save your marriage

Facing divorce, bad marriage, bitter relationships save them through astrological Remedies by Master Deepak Ji

Marriage is an association and union of two compatible souls. It is one of the most important part almost in all the cultures throughout the world.  But lot of times we see that despite of a love marriage or proper match making through astrology marriages fall apart and the couples break due to incompatibility. But have you ever thought that why all off sudden when everything was going fine you end you breaking with your life partner. The answer of the same is in Astrology.

Here are few main astrological reasons of divorce and failed marriages.

Three main players or source of successful marriages are –

  1. Venus – Venus rules the romance, emotions, marriage and sexual relationships and can be a major reason of the success or failure of any relationships.
  2. 7th house – 7th house in one’s horoscope represents husband wife and their marital status & relationships.
  3. 7th house lord – 7th house lord is Mercury, Whose position can effect your relationship majorly.

If the above three players are in good position in your horoscope which means that they are benefice or occupied by benefice planets  than your marriage, love, affair, romance will be successful joyful and peaceful or else visa-versa.

Here are the reasons of when these three players adversely affect your marital life.


Venus rules the 3rd and 8th two malefic houses and if it is placed in 10th house along with his enemy Jupiter, then it’s fair in power. Though Venus is in Sun’s nakshatra which is the lord of 6th house which is the house of enemy. So, it creates enmity between the partners.

7th House: It is engaged by the malefic Ketu and getting aspect from Rahu, another malefic. In navamsa, the 7th house is being inspected by Mars and occupied by Sun two malefic such condition makes your 7th house week and created troubled marriage life.

7th Lord: R in horoscope 7th lord is mercury which is occupied in 9th house if it is in triangle position its assumed as good position. But if it is being inspected by Malefic rahu & is placed together with malefic sun which is lord of 6th house it creates enmity between couple.  

Remedies to save your marriage-

  1. Do navgrah shanti pooja.
  2. Wear charged gem stones recommended by astrologer.
  3. Chant mantra of Venus
  4. Women should prey Lord shiva & take  up a continuous  fast of 16 Mondays.( 16 sovar  vrat)
  5. Keep a square piece of Silver in your pocket or purse
  6. Wear Rudraksh in Silver
  7. Don’t wear blue colour.
  8. Light an evening earthen lamp daily at your temple area.
  9. Stop eating salt on Fridays for a year. 
  10. Worship goddess parvati.

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  1. shanthi


    1.what is mantra of venus?

    16 Mondays fasting means whole day or only at nights.Please clarify.

    3.Dont wear blue color ?which blue light blue .dark blur or navy blue or torquiose?


    1. Master Deepak Ji

      Hi, Shanti here are the answers of your query. 

      mantra of venus – Om draam, dreem, draum, saha sukraya namaha’

      Monday fasting means fasting whole day .. as per Hindus next day starts at 5,30 am by sunrise.. but if not possible till 12 am, Also try to avoid eating salt and sour things like lemon or Tamarind  during these fast.  

      Try to avoid any shade of blue color will be good. 

      Thanks for reading and asking questions. 
      Do keep asking i will be happy to help, and as i always say  May god bless you.

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