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As per astrology blue sapphire is the stone of Saturn. Among the main nine gem stones,  Blue Sapphire is the  fastest acting gemstones. Lot of people instantly see the difference in their lives after wearing blue sapphire if it suits them, they suddenly gain wealth and worldly pleasures and their problems are resolved.  

But Special cautions should be taken care of while wearing Blue sapphire,  as  if  this stone is not meant for you it can lead to many problems in life and can create  major health, wealth, losses too but if it suits you it can take you to the top most desired positions you ever wished.

Here’s what Master Deepak Ji tells about Blue Sapphire –

Precautions to be taken care before wearing blue sapphire –

  1. Get your horoscope checked and wear sapphire only on recommendation of the best gemologist.
  2. Buy a Blue Sapphire on a Saturday during the Shukla Paksha or on  Shravana, Kshatbhika, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttarakshad, Chitra, Svati or Vishakha nakshatra (constellation)
  3. Choice of metal of ring for sapphire should be panchdhatu.
  4. The weight of the Blue Sapphire should not be less than 1.5 rattis, but  5 carat Blue Sapphire is  considered to be auspicious. 
  5. Best time to wear it in is the evening of Saturday on Kshatbhika, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttarakshad, Chitra, Svati or Vishakha nakshatra (constellation)
  6. Blue Sapphire indicates you immediately weather it is meant for you or not.   If nothing bad happens or any good news comes within 72 hours it means that sapphire is suiting you. If after wearing sapphire you get bad dreams, you fall sick or get any bad news or injuries that mean it is not suiting you.  Hence after wearing sapphire for next three days you have to be extra cautious.

Benefits of wearing Blue  Sapphire –

  1. If suited Blue Sapphire can bring wealth, fortune, good business deals, job promotions, instant profits in business within 6 months.
  2. If it suits you wearing Blue Sapphire during sade sati of shani brings miraculous change in life and reduces all negative effects of sade sati.
  3. Blue Sapphire protects you from enemies.
  4. Blue Sapphire brings in clarity in thoughts and removes confusion and enhances decision making power.
  5. Blue Sapphire enhances concentration & focus.
  6. Blue Sapphire improves health especially stomach and digestion related issues and makes you active.
  7. Blue Sapphire also removes negativity and fears .
  8. Blue Sapphire brings in name fame. Popularity and grace and can restore lost wealth.
  9. The Sapphire forewarns its owner by changing its color about upcoming difficulties & problems due to enemies.

Which stone of sapphire to avoid –

  1. A stained Sapphire is the cause of many miseries it shouldn’t be bought in first case and in case if  stains appear later it should be replaced.
  2. If the Sapphire has white lines on it, it is bad for the eyes.
  3. Pale sapphire or sapphire with whitish marks  brings dearth.
  4. A cracked blue sapphire brings accidents to the native.
  5. The dual colored stone may cause troubles.
  6. The dull coloured Sapphire (Neelam) causes distress and worries.

Blue Sapphire is quite a magical stone and if recommended for you as per your horoscope you must wear this stone but as per the precautions suggested by Master Deepak Ji. Blue Sapphire will definitely bring in health wealth & prosperity if it is meant for you. Stay blessed with Master Deepak Ji.

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