Guru Dosha

Effects of malefic Jupiter & remedies

As per astrology, Jupiter is the planet that protects all the living beings. Jupiter is referred as teacher and is planet of learning. Jupiter is completely opposite to Saturn rahu and ketu in nature. Its calm, helpful & helps deterring the right path of the life and makes the person positive & optimistic. It helps people in understanding the real joy of life & sense of responsibility. Jupiter relates with principles of life, prosperity, & wisdom.  String Jupiter in ones horoscope brings in great career, education, wisdom fame, extraordinary success.  But if Jupiter is week it is called Guru Dosha.

Here is master Deepak ji explaining Guru Dosha & sharing the remidies of Guru Dosha.

Malefic Jupiter effects

Normally Jupiter never effects adversely but is in horoscope Jupiter is week, Debilitated Jupiter conjoined with Rahu (Neecha) this leads to issues like lack of concentration children are week in studies, loss of respect & prosperity.  It majorly effects the education & career. Guru dosha brings in health issues like – thyroid, throat issues – tonsils, gums problem, & week eyesight & hearing problems.  In such situation one should perform astrological remedies of Jupiter.


Remedies to reduce effect of Guru Dosha-

  1. Mix yellow mustard & h few drops of honey in bathing water .
  2. Donate salt Jupiter and lemon on Thursdays.
  3. chant om gun guruvahey namah daily.
  4. Color of Jupiter is yellow where yellow clothes on Thursdays.
  5. Gemstone is  of Jupiter is – sapphire or pukhraj where them but only after consulting astrologer.
  6. Worship lord Vishnu.
  7. Keep fast on Thursdays and eat once after sunset if possible channa dal & ghee.
  8. Keep yellow color hanky in your pocket.
  9. Teaching children without any monetary benefic helps reducing malefic  Jupiter’s effect.
  10. Avoid alcohol & non-veg.
  11. Strictly avoid adultery if your Jupiter is week.
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