Know the Power of the magical gemstones and transform your life


Know the Power of the magical gemstones and transform your life

Are gems really effective? How do they work on our bodies?  Do the really have the power to bring change in our liveså? Many such questions often pop up into everyone’s mind, so here is the answer to your queries related to gems and astrology from Master Deepak ji the expert of the subject.

Master Deepak ji tells, As per Astrology the cosmic foundation of our body is made of 5 elements of this Universe.  1st – the fire or the sun it sets our body temperature. 2nd the water 75% of our body is made up of water, 3rd – the air, we call it oxygen and without oxygen we can’t survive after few seconds, 4th the earth which means presence  the minerals and the vitamins in our body. The 5th is sky which is entailed with all the planets, the sun and the moon and their cosmic energies.  If the heat, water, minerals are not in appropriate portions we fall sick. But the lack of air is a question of life and death.  

According to the astrology, all the planets and all the stars are comprised of certain energies, and they also release magnetic and electric fields. The flow of these energies with   magnetic and electric fields leaves its impact on every living being. Similarly, the cosmic energies also affect our body; some of them bring positivity and good fortune and some negativity and misfortune.  

During our birth, there is a certain position of each planet and our karma of our lives is, therefore. the result of these planetary positions. Some planets are in favorable positions and some in unfavorable positions and few give us the mixed results too. These planets and their positions keep changing and hence act upon us throughout the life. This can be understood with the lunar phases the way they affect the oceans similarly these planets affects our lives.  Favorable planets bring us the positive energies & good fortune whereas unfavorable planets bring us negative energies accompanied with misfortune.

To control the results of the cosmic energies specifically the negative cosmic energies and enhance the positive cosmic energies in our bodies we need these gemstones. And they are found all  over the world, deep inside the earth and this makes them go through extremely high temperatures and powerful pressures and that’s why these gems are filled  with vibrant and vigorous energies.   And thus these gemstones control these cosmic energies. Blending the natural configuration of the gemstones with our body enhances our talents and diminishes our weaknesses and recharges our body, bring in positivity, improve our minds Master Deepak ji says  the way all the eatery items are not good for health or the way we are allergic to few food items similarly we can’t wear all the gemstones.

Earth has created many gemstones but as per astrology there are 9 specific gemstones related to each planet and have a prominent effect on our lives.

RUBY is the stone of the Sun, PEARL of the moon; RED CORAL of the mars, EMERALD is related to mercury. , YELLOW SAPPHIRE is the stone of   Jupiter, DIAMOND is the stone Venus, BLUE SAPPHIRE belongs to Saturn, HESSONITE GARNET to Rahu, and CAT’S EYE to ketu.   With these 9 planets, our days of the week and the months of the year are also connected that this makes the base of our astrology. The position of these planets on the particular day of the particular month and year decides on which stone to be worn and which not as per the recommendation of the horoscope.  

These gems act as a filter and create a virtuous or malevolent effect and wearing these gems can help us overcome the hindrances and complications in our horoscopic chart.  As per the want of our body,  the crystalline structure of gemstones  increases or reduces the cosmic and  planetary energies  and helps us to use these energies in best possible ways for the betterment of our lives and these changes take place over the time.  Sometimes your disturbed relationships or lack of health wealth and prosperity are astrological causes and these gems are the astrological remedies. These gems also affect our emotional and mental energies and help us making our self-calm and composed and they produce a long lasting effect on us. Wearing the wrong gemstones could be the cause to much commotion and disturbance in life.

To conclude Master Deepak ji says you must not wait for anyone to come at your door step and gift you a prosperous life.   These gemstones are magical remedies to most of our problems and we must take full advantage of gemology science and cure ourselves in a natural way and seek a problem free, beautiful, healthy and prosperous life


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