Malefic SUN – Effects and Remedies

Effects of Malefic SUN & Remedies of Malefic Sun


According to Vedic astrology Sun represents our Mind, Body & soul.  Sun has a great impact on our life and good or bad sun in our horoscope can turn our life upside down and our lives go with many ups and down due to Good or bad Sun.  

Here are the effects and remedies of malefic sun  by  Master Deepak Ji.  


Effects of Malefic SUN

  1. Major health issues arise due to malefic sun like heart problems and blindness or bones diseases.
  2. Malefic sun brings in loss in reputation.
  3. Lack of Confidence
  4. Disrespect from seniors
  5. Bad relations with father or health problems to father.
  6. Dishonor
  7. Acidity problems and Constipation.
  8. Unsuccessful career.
  9. Sun in 7th house is said to be inauspicious.  It brings in misfortune in life.
  10. If malefic sun is placed in 10th hose then education, career and profession is badly affected.
  11. If sun & Saturn joins together in 7th house of your horoscope then   health of spouse is badly affected.  

Remedies of malefic Sun

  1. Offer water too sun within one hour of sunrise after shower.
  2. At the time of sunrise look at the sun and for few minutes and smile. Do this after shower.
  3. One should mix poppy, red flowers or saffron in the bathing water and take shower from this water, this will help you getting bodily strength as these products are related to sun.
  4. Chant “Om Ghrani: Surya Aditya:” Mantra regularly 108 times.
  5. Donation of jawar of equal weight to spouse reduces the effect of sun and Saturn in 7th house.  
  6. To reduce effect of malefic sun in 10th house cast or immerse copper or gold coin in flowing water. This symbolizes that we are immersing our sorrows in water. Copper and gold are metals related to sun.
  7. To reduce effect of malefic and inauspicious sun in 7th house donate jaggery ,wheat, red copper, red lentils (masoor daal)  on Sundays.
  8. To reduce effect of malefic sun & Saturn in 7th house one should sprinkle milk over the fire on which the meal for the night is cooked to make the fire lit off this calms down the Malefic Sun.
  9. To reduce the effect of malefic sun one should, start the day with consuming sweet first and water over the sweet. If one can use hone it can be best as honey is related to sun.
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