Rahu – Traits and Remedies

Do  you know Rahu can keep you away from  success?

Traits and Remedies of Rahu by Master Deepak Ji

In astrology Rahu is tamas asura (demon). Maha Dasha of Rahu can either be the best time of one’s life or can put one in major complexities. Rahu controls chaos, Mystery and cruelty and is associated with materialistic desires.

It is a legendary master of con and deception and signifies cheaters, pleasure seekers, operators in foreign lands, drug dealers, poison dealers, and people who are insincere and involved in immoral acts.

A negative Rahu creates false impression in the mind, and makes a person give excuses for everything that they may be asked to do. There’s a very high likelihood of the person becoming very negative and goes through tuff time throughout the life who is under influence of negative Rahu.

Negative Rahu keeps you away from success and brings in lots of negativity and disturbance in all aspects of life.  A person who is under malefic effects of Rahu will not have love and peacefulness in his life and his work front will be unstable and disturbed.

Following are the traits and effects off negative Rahu.

  1. Children under malefic effects of Rahu are weak, disrespectful towards elders, and leave their families due to constant fights.  
  2. Person under Rahus effect are unhygienic; there is a lot of dust and dirtiness around them
  3. Their plants dry soon.
  4. Such people are mostly scared of darkness.
  5. Their servants and maids or employs will not stay with them for long.
  6. Person under effects of malefic Rahu keeps loosing stuff and there electronics keeps getting dysfunctional.
  7. Unnecessary expenses keep rising up and take away all the peace. Hence this makes parson unconstructive.
  8. Such person will always have stomach related major issues.
  9. Some time children under major effect of   start stammering.
  10. It can also create a long illness which becomes incurable.   
  11. Person under negative Rahu effects turns lazy and lethargic wakes up late and sleeps late.
  12. Such people are under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  13. Cannot concentrate in anything. Their mind keeps jumping from one thing to                another.
  14. Such people are violent and there marriage life ends on drastic notes
  15. Turns atheist and Are usual lyre.
  16. They tend to get cheated in relationships and business.
  17. They turn harsh and insensitive to their surroundings.
  18. If Rahu is extremely bad in horoscope they can meet major accident which can waist a major time of life.

Remedies of Rahu

Here are some easy remedies by Master Deepak Ji, that will diminish the effects  of Negetive Rahu and bring in positivity and success.

  1. Person whose m Rahu is bad in horoscope should not write his name on the name board of house nor, he should start any business in his own name.  It should have his ancestors or parents name.
  2. Small cloth containing mishri, black lentils gomed stone with some silver should either be hung at the entrance or buried at the entrance.
  3. Should donate in te name of ancestors and should do remedies of pitra dosha.
  4. Should eat sleep and study on the east side.
  5. Should give food to birds on the east side of the house.
  6. Every amavasya one should donate 4 coconuts.
  7. Wear white sandalwood in a blue thread to increase your concentration and to diminish your anger.
  8. Use sandalwood perfume or oil every day to retain your peace and calmness.
  9. Never eat any leftover food.
  10. Eat your dinner before the sun set.
  11. Feed fish and free fish in river or pond.
  12. Eat and drink fish in any form.
  13. Strictly avoid any kind of alcohol or drugs.
  14. Recite Rahu mantra in evening.
  15. Donate black cloths and black lentils to poor.
  16. Wear silver in your neck.
  17. Wear yellow or saffron colours more.
  18. Respect your elders and parents.
  19. Avoid keeping ivory stuff at home.
  20. Avoid adultery.
  21. Pet a black dog or feed black dog.
  22. Donate to handicaps especially blind and feed them. Rahu in 11th House or in Aquarius
  23. Keep saunf (fennel seeds) and sugar under your pillow in white cloth.
  24. Try to eat your meals in kitchen.
  25. Give a place of guru to any one in your life who is  your elder, teacher  or religious guru and keep his picture in your pocket and home take his blessings while starting any new thing this will bring definite success in your life.

Fight back negativity around you and Stay blessed with Master Deepak ji

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