Ruby Gemstone

Ruby a gem stone that can change your life !

Gemstones are recommended for every person based on their horoscope. Every gem stone has different qualities and every gem stone has different benefits. Wearing a gem stone which is recommended can be life changer experience for you.  Today master Deepak ji will give you some interesting facts about ruby gem stone.


The gem stone Ruby, is the icon of Sun, Sun represents the fire and brightness and brings us positivity by eliminating the darkness f night. Ruby spreads around the radiance of success emitting out from the sun. Ruby is mostly purple reddish in color, and is also found in crimsons or scarlet red color but purest form of ruby is dark red color of the rose which is very rare to be found.  


Benefits of Ruby Gemstone


  1. Ruby builds a peaceful environment between you and your enemies & gives you protection from them.
  2. It plays a leading role in changing and controlling the carrier paths of many professions like actors, government officials, engineers, jewelers & dealers of cloths & flowers & takes you to unbelievable level of success.  
  3. Wearer of ruby is confident, dignified, good decision maker. Ruby brings in all leadership quality in a person.  
  4. Ruby brings in peace, clarity, foresightedness and makes your brain sharp.
  5. Inner conscience of the wearer of the ruby gem stone is awakened and ruby helps realizing the truth.


Who should wear Ruby Gemstone?


Anyone with zodiac signs Leo, & Cancer or people born in moth of July should wear to acquire name fame & good health.

Ruby is also recommended for people who acquire weak position of sun and it will help them overcome health issues that occur due t week sun in horoscope like backbone problem, high blood pressure, and diabetes, piles, and lungs issues.  


How to wear Ruby gemstone?

Ruby should be worn in the ring finger of right hand on Sunday in copper or Gold. Those who are left-handed can wear it in the left hand.  It is not recommended to wear ruby less than 3 ‘ratti’.


Some Facts about ruby gemstone

It is a good sign to see ruby in dream as it indicates that soon you will acquire wealth or any treasure.  


Some times in its circle the ruby gem enfolds some signs which have different meanings. If it shows   dullness or tediousness, it indicates the complications in relationship with brothers or son, cracks in ruby indicates bad lucks, cloudy, bubbles & feather in the ruby gem leaves the gem ineffective, and brings in bad luck.

If you are looking forward to a successful career, name, fame, health & wealth or leadership qualities, peace, positivity & destruction of your enemies, than ruby gem stone is highly recommended for you. But ensure to take professional gemologist advice before wearing ruby gem stone advices Master Depak ji to avoid any adverse effects.


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