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Did you know plants can bring fortune as well as bad Luck!

Here are some Vastu tips of Gardening for your sweet home

Trees and plants are extremely important for environment we all know this. But the fact most of us are ignorant about is that plants are even more important in human life when it comes to astrology or Vastu Shastra as they are capable of affecting our energies and surroundings. They can subside the negativity around us.  In fact in Indian culture and globally in various communities and religions trees and plants are given place of gods & they are worshiped.   In astrology for each zodiac signs various trees are assigned & it is recommended to plant trees as per the zodiac sign. This helps in eliminating hindrance from horoscope and life and brings in success & prosperity.

Here are some important and interesting facts and Dos & Don’ts about gardening and planting trees as per vastu Shastra in your house –

Sacred Fig (Peepal tree) has got great medicinal values, & fig produces large amount of oxygen and hence it keeps us healthy, & is also worshiped in India these trees are auspicious but should not be placed in the campus or garden of house. They are considered to be auspicious if placed in temple campus.

Neem tree is also very important in medicinal usage and is considered to be auspicious if placed in a house garden.

Coconut tree, Banana & Mango tree are used in religious rituals plus they are trees that bear fruits, and are considered extremely auspicious.  Placing them in house garden brings in health wealth & success.  Mango tree helps in subsiding Rahu & moon problems.

A bamboo plant signifies purity & peace and thus it is said to bring happiness and fortune. If in horoscope sun is week bamboo is planting bamboo is very effective.

Dwarf jade signifies positivity z& is considered lucky as it has five leaves.

Peace lilly with white flowers brightens any place they are kept.

Jasmine, red lotus & blue lotus are the plants that have sweet smell and are utilized in worship. There fragrance makes the environment of the house peaceful and calm.  It is auspicious to plant them in home.

There are many plants that should not be planted and avoided as per vastu as they  bring bad-luck,  negativity and disturbance in relationships

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Thorny plants & cactus should not be planted in the house or the garden of the house as they produce negative energy. Only thorny plant auspicious for the house is rose.

Creepers should also not be grown in the house as they tend to bring disruption and disputes in relationships. The only creeper that can be grown is money plant as it brings in health & wealth to the family members.

On the sites where tamarind or myrtle trees are grown one should avoid building a residential place over there as they bring in negativity.

Cotton, tamarind and gum plants should not be planted in the house.

Tips of gardening in the residential apartment-

  1. We should avoid placing flower pots on the east, north & north east wall.
  2. Fruits bearing trees or plants should be placed on the east direction of the garden.
  3. Leafless, dried and dead trees are considered in auspicious and should be removed.
  4. It is auspicious to plant the trees in even numbers.
  5. Any tree surrounding the house or in the garden of the house especially in the east – north east or north direction should not be taller than the height of the house.
  6. Any tree grown in the middle of the main door is considered in auspicious.
  7. Bonsai should not be kept inside the house as they tend to bring bad luck.
  8. It is considered inauspicious to cut peepal, neem mango banyan trees in case it is unavoidable one should one should offer prayers and ask for forgiveness before doing so and new tree should be planted.

Master Deepak Ji says following these simple gardening vastu will definitely bring in a positive change, prosperity and fortune in your life.  Stay blessed

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