Weekly Horoscope Nov 02-05


Weekly Overview and predictions of your Horoscope by MASTER DEEPAK Ji

From November 2, 2015 thru November 8, 2015




Master Deepak Ji says, all your hard work finally going to pay you off on Monday. Your week starts with hectic schedules and increased work that could lead you to more income rather. In the middle of the week your old investment might turn your life more luxurious and you might be offered a promotion in your job.  End of the week you will deviate towards your love life and family.  Be domestic on weekends relationships will blossom but don’t depend on them be diplomatic and patient. Health seems fine throughout the week.


Your lucky color of the week is red

Your lucky numbers of the week are 9 and 3





Master Deepak Ji says, start of the week your ongoing health issues could improve. Middle of the week you’re in the ideal mood to tackle this new challenge in your love life, you might meet someone new. If you are of the right age and kept going soon little ones could fill your life with happiness. Just go in with both eyes open.  Whatever happens this week, communicate your feelings. Contentment will come this weekend from an unexpected source. End of the week your investment might grow slowly but deeply. Position at your work will also grow stronger.  


Your lucky color of the week is pink

Your lucky numbers of the week are 3 and 6





Start of the week especially on Monday, your work is growing relatively well and even better if you work from home. Middle of the week be careful with your health eat and drink sensibly, dental issues might occur. This week otherwise is smooth and easy going no big disasters loom. End of the week you are at your home sweet home but Master Deepak Ji advises, that it might turn sour if you lose control on your tongue be careful.  


Your lucky color of the week is yellow

Your lucky numbers of the week are 2 and 9


    This week is full of joy, pleasure and a surprise party gives an exciting start to your week. Master Deepak Ji tells, you will ride a winning streak on work front this week and your energy and stigma remains high till end of the week, But don’t be in hurry to start new major projects take your time avoid investing in retirement plans or securities real estate etc. health is perfect over the week ahead.


Your lucky color of the week is green

Your lucky numbers of the week are 2


  1. LEO                                                                                                                                                       

Your career is all you can think in the star of week. There’s a lot going on right now, and your reputation at work is at stake thought the week. Do this well and you will really impress everyone; the key is to be flexible but focused. Middle of the week is a good time to enhance security, repair, and renovation or decorate your home. End of the week, when all your efforts start to pay off, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. The week ahead is benevolent & easy. But Master Deepak Ji also warns and asks you to stay out of the limelight, away from competitive situations, Contemplate and Plan.  Health seems fine throughout the week.


Your Lucky color of the week is gold                                                                                                  

Your lucky numbers of the week are 4 and 3.                                                                                                 





Start of the week is all about making sure the little details are taken care of and will be filled with paperwork, errands, travel, siblings or friends, news, details, calls, emails and letters. You’ll be busy but relaxed. The second half of the week, you’re going to be crazy busy with social obligations.   Take care of health as fatigue can appear. Later in the week, a “love temptation” might appear. A casual remark or a short trip could spark love.  Master Deepak Ji asks, you to have confidence in your own ideas because someone else’s may lack reality Master Deepak ji,  also warns you and tells you to stay out of compromising situations (clandestine affairs, etc.) – and big investments throughout the week.


Your lucky color of the week is grey                                                                                                                    

Your lucky numbers of the week are 1 and 4                                                                                                     





Since 29 October till 17thNovember Mercury transits in Libra hence luck will support and most of your work will complete. But Master Deepak Ji’s advice for you is to re-think in decision making.  And this transit will bring you happiness. Don’t be extravagant and don’t get into arguments. Also try to settle the legal matters outside the court.  This week you can expand your monetary investments.


Your lucky color of the week is brown

Your lucky number of the week is 2





Mercury, the planet of communication has moved into your sign where it will stay until 21st November. It has held you back, one way or another since late August. Now you will get clarity and quite swiftly, allowing you to make the decisions you have likely been wondering about when it comes to you and your own situation. This week your energy, clout, effectiveness and charisma remain high. Start important projects (but not in employment areas until November 13 onward), when all goes your way. Weekend end is more “future potential” than start. Retreat Saturday: rest, rejuvenate, help the unfortunate, deal with management, security issues, pray, contemplate, and plan.


Your lucky color of the week is purple

Your lucky numbers of the week are 6 and 1.





This week is about expanding your horizons on several levels, book a faraway trip. You’re going to spend the weekend figuring out exactly where this relationship is heading.  Wisdom, gentle love, compassion and understanding flow into you in the start of the week.  Pursue anything new, even to choose your final goal in the latter half of the week. Week end for you is for  fun, socializing, optimistic future plans, happiness and friendly flirting – just remember that you’re in a weekly  “rest period,” so don’t aim too high or eat/drink too much, this is Master Deepak ji’s cautionary for you.


Your lucky color of the week is light blue

Your lucky numbers of the week are 2 and 1





You’re in the mood to be wild and frivolous, but that’s not this week is about. There are a couple things you really have to get done. Keep your head down and see them through and, in a couple days, you’ll be so happy to have them off your plate. Later in the week, someone you know is going to fly off the handle about a minor thing. The best way to respond is to hear them out. Sure, there’s a chance they’re overreacting, but no one likes to be told that. Be the friend you’d want them to be if your roles were reversed. Week holds social delights and group events, wishes, optimism, bright future plans, entertainment, flirtation and friendly romance.


Your lucky color of the week is dark green

Your lucky numbers of the week are 1 and 6





In the start of the week there can be an expectation for you to take responsibility somehow. They will take more than what they will give. You must resist in no uncertain terms. Be subtle while maintaining underlying determination. You’ll be tested – and observed by higher-ups, in the middle of the week. End of the week you can also invest brilliantly, enjoy intimacy, diagnose problems and change your lifestyle for the better but protect your health, eat, dress sensibly. Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations, contracts and litigation, friends and enemies, challenges and co-operation, fill your week ahead.  


Your lucky color of the week is bronze

Your lucky numbers of the week are 6 and 3





Master Deepak ji tells this week is going to begin on a romantic note for you. You’re going to be completely distracted and overwhelmed, but it’ll feel great. Second half of the week you’re going to be able to really indulge this new romance, even if that simply means staring out the window and thinking about it for hours on end. Sometimes that’s the best way to spend an afternoon. If single, you’re in a huge “meet my mate” year (to autumn 2016) and November could bring that meeting. Dive into chores and protect your daily health throughout the week.  Finances, intimacy, investigation are all smooth, but avoid big commitments and ye don’t let the romance take away your focus from work.


Your lucky color of the week is white

Your lucky numbers of the week are 1 and 4


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