Weekly Horoscope Overview June 12 – June 18, 2017

Weekly Overview and predictions of your Horoscope by MASTER DEEPAK Ji

From  June 12 – June 18, 2017




Master Deepak Ji says, this is a beautiful week for you, start of the week lot of good ideas will come around that might be fruitful for future. In the middle of the week your old investment might turn your life more luxurious and you might be offered a promotion in your job.  End of the week be domestic. On week end you will be full of life you can try something new.


Your lucky color of the week is maroon

Your lucky numbers of the week is 4





Master Deepak Ji says start of the week you need to relax don’t compete unnecessarily.  Middle of the week you’re in the ideal mood to take up new challenge, End of the week your investment might grow slowly but deeply. Position at your work will also grow stronger; Contentment will come this weekend from an unexpected source.  


Your lucky color of the week is red

Your lucky numbers of the week is 2





Start of the week especially on Monday, your work is growing relatively well take advice of elders on important matters don’t hush.  Middle of the week be careful about your health & take care of your eatery habits. End of the week you are full of fun and social activities but Master Deepak Ji advises, that it might turn sour if you lose control on your tongue be careful.  This week otherwise is smooth and easy going no big disasters loom.


Your lucky color of the week is orange

Your lucky numbers of the week is 7


    Start of the week be receptive hear others this might help you come over small difficulties this week.

Mid of the week don’t be in hurry to start new major projects take your time, avoid investing in real estate. End of the week is full of joy, pleasure and a surprise party gives. Master Deepak Ji advices you to take care of your health.


Your lucky color of the week is violet  

Your lucky number of the week is 5


  • LEO                                                                                                                                                       

Start of the week focus on your career &work front.  Do your homework, and you will really impress everyone; the key to success this week is to be flexible & focused. Middle of the week don’t spend on things that you don’t need, you might end up wasting your money so think before you spend. End of the week all your efforts start to pay off. This week is benevolent & easy.  Health seems fine throughout the week.  


Your Lucky color of the week is copper                                                                                                   

Your lucky number of the week is 2                                                                                                





Start of the week is all about making sure the little details are taken care of and will be filled with paperwork, errands, travel, siblings or friends, news, details, calls, emails and letters. You’ll be busy but relaxed. The second half of the week, you’re going to be crazy busy with social obligations.   Take care of health as fatigue can appear. Later in the week, a “love temptation” might appear. A casual remark or a short trip could spark love.  Master Deepak Ji asks, you to have confidence in your own ideas because someone else’s may lack reality Master Deepak ji,  also warns you and tells you to stay out of compromising situations (clandestine affairs, etc.) – and big investments throughout the week.


Your lucky color of the week is grey                                                                                                                    

Your lucky numbers of the week are 1 and 4                                                                                                     





Since 29 October till 17thNovember Mercury transits in Libra hence luck will support and most of your work will complete. But Master Deepak Ji’s advice for you is to re-think in decision making.  And this transit will bring you happiness. Don’t be extravagant and don’t get into arguments. Also try to settle the legal matters outside the court.  This week you can expand your monetary investments.


Your lucky color of the week is brown

Your lucky number of the week is 2





Start of the week your energy, clout, effectiveness and charisma remain high. Mid of the week start important projects you can think on investing in your retirement plan as well. Weekend end is more “future potential” than start, over all  during the week help the unfortunate, deal with management, security issues, pray, contemplate, and plan to secure your future.


Your lucky color of the week is scarlet red and crimson

Your lucky number of the week is 1





Wisdom, gentle love, compassion and understanding flow into you in the start of the week. This week is about expanding your horizons on several levels. Mid of the week you are in the mood to be wild and frivolous, utilize your energy in positive way. You’re going to spend the weekend figuring out exactly where your love relationship is heading.   Pursue anything new, even to choose your final goal in the latter half of the week. Week end for you is for socializing and friendly flirting.  Don’t   eat or drink too much, this is Master Deepak ji’s cautionary for you to ensure your health remains stable.


Your lucky color of the week is grey

Your lucky number of the week is 9





Start of the week there are a couple things you really have to get done it can even be a plumber work of your sink, don’t delay such small issues for later as they will turn big, it is important for you to deal with issues as soon as they grow. Mid of the week don’t take things personally. It is good time for investing but not without professional’s advice.  Later in the week, someone you know is going to fly off. The week end brings trouble with friend’s family or spouse if you ignored them throughout the week. Be gentle & wise with them.  


Your lucky color of the week is green

Your lucky number of the week is 3





In the start of the week you need to take responsibility at your home & work front. Mid of the week you’ll be tested – and observed by higher-ups, be careful and do your homework if you want to avoid any embarrassment.  End of the week you can invest brilliantly, but protect your health, eat, dress sensibly. Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities, negotiations, contracts, friends and enemies, & challenges fill your week. Week end you might have to deal with some kind of weirdness be humble.   


Your lucky color of the week is gold

Your lucky number of the week is 2





Master Deepak ji tells this week is going to begin on a romantic one for you. You’re going to be completely distracted and overwhelmed. Mid of the week you’re going to be able to really indulge this new romance. If single, you’re in a huge “meet my mate”. End of the week don’t let the romance come in way of your work, dive into chores and protect your daily health throughout the week.  Finances, intimacy, investigation are all smooth, but avoid big commitments.


Your lucky color of the week is off white

Your lucky number of the week is 4


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