Weekly Overview June 18 – June 26, 2017

Weekly Overview and predictions of your Horoscope from MASTER DEEPAK Ji

From June 18 – June 26, 2017


Master Deepak Ji says you will be frustrated with some vague issues as the week begins but don’t lose your calm. Don’t argue especially with spouse & boss. Mid of the week, go ahead and put your ideas and plans into action but remember these actions will have their positive reactions but later. . Everyone is waiting to follow your lead but things will be moving a bit too slow this week but don’t lose your patience remember slow and steady wins the race.  End of the week, invest in something it will be fruitful for future.

Your lucky color of the week is pink

Your lucky number of the week is 1


Master Deepak Ji says, start of the week, you’re feeling closer than ever with your best friends. Spend time with them they will come up with a solution to your problems. Mid of the week be careful about purchasing any big items, don’t invest. End of the week you might end up spending on useless things. Be care full with your health & wealth both this week

Your lucky color of the week is brown                                                                                                               

Your lucky number of the week is 3



As the week starts, some confusing situation can arise in your personal life. You want to help fix the problem, but it’s clear you can’t. So focus on happier things. Mid-week, thoughtful friends and coworkers make some good suggestions. They see things from a good perspective and only wish you well, so why not follow their advice? Weekend is full of fun but avoid adultery Master Deepak Ji’s cautionary.

Your lucky color of the week is cream

Your lucky number of the week is 5



Master Deepak Ji says the week will start with a blast of energy — maybe too much! With all your upcoming events, it might be hard to concentrate for a few days try to meditate. In the middle of the week, you’ll want to take some rest.  But this is a hectic week for you.  Your social life will surge back to the forefront very soon, and you’ll have a lot of details to double check as the week comes to a close. Once the weekend finally arrives, a wild party awaits. But this week try to ensure that you don’t lie on any small or big issues as they can have adverse effect later.

Your lucky color of the week is purple  

Your lucky numbers of the week are 7


  • LEO                                                                                                                                                       

You are in romantic mood all week lon, start of the week long distance travel is expected you’ll know exactly where you want to go next! People with small minds will annoy you in the mid of the week. As the weekends watch that your pride doesn’t get in the way of your relationship. It’s best for you to listen, be calm and not fly off the handle. Be careful with your stuff while travelling.

Your Lucky color of the week is golden

Your lucky numbers of the week is 9                                                                                              



Start of the week is not great, you are disturbed with disturbance in relationships, give yourself some space and remember those deep breathing techniques. Mid of the week, you have high expectations of yourself, but no one is perfect. If things seem confusing, just take your time End of the .week some big opportunity is waiting for you don’t miss it

Your lucky color of the week is yellow                                                                                                                   

Your lucky number of the week is 2                                                                                                



It’s a hectic week for you, you’ll be quite the busy as the week begins, but if you keep your head down, & work hard you can meet your deadlines. Mid of the week, relationships are on your mind appreciate as regard them.  Stay flexible as the week comes to a close — an unexpected mini-drama will require quick kindness and cooperation but don’t side the wrong Master Deepak Ji says.

Your lucky color of the week is grey

Your lucky number of the week is 6



Start of the week spend time with yourself, do something else that feeds your artistic side. Help poor, do donations, be friend to some who need you emotionally. Mid of the week don’t doubt on your friends. Give them respect and regard. You’ll get what you give. Don’t take risks, especially financial, don’t invest this week says master Deepak ji

Your lucky color of the week is orange

Your lucky number of the week is 4



You will get help from some close friend unexpectedly this week. Start of the week doesn’t be extravagant. Pay your due bills to avoid troubles. Mid of the week, you are emotionally affected this, don’t let feelings over power your brain. Don’t share your inner feelings with new people. Don’t lend big money to anyone this week it won’t come back master Deepak ji warns.

Your lucky color of the week is green

Your lucky number of the week is 8



Start of the week focus on your creativity suggests master Deepak ji.  Think about what you need to say and how you should say, don’t utter words without thinking twice.  Some indirect changes in your style will make a huge impact. You’ll get all sorts of attention throughout the week but don’t let this affect your humbleness.  .don’t be rude to people as it can lead to permanent enmity.  

Your lucky color of the week is pink

Your lucky number of the week is 1



Start of the week Master Deepak ji tells you to don’t be lazy. Don’t take short cuts, stay focused. A strong urge for new ideas will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure! If you happen to find yourself surrounded by some radical people at a hot social event toward the end of the week, don’t speak unnecessary.

Your lucky color of the week is white

Your lucky number of the week is 5


  • PISCES  

Start of the week, Master Deepak ji suggests you to take a chance on new venture you’re considering – it’s time for you to do something for yourself, and this could be big. Mid of the week, you’re taking things in, keeping an open mind, and this is  good. Sensuality is highly present, especially at the end of the week — in all forms. Choose more decadent meals, evocative music, romantic words and beautiful art to feed your hunger for the aesthetic.

Your lucky color of the week is bronze

Your lucky number of the week is 9

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