Weekly Overview June 26 – July 2 2017

Weekly Overview and predictions of your  Horoscope by MASTER DEEPAK Ji

From June 26 – July 2 2017



Master Deepak ji says, this week, you’ll want to hit the ground running! Start of the week, is perfect time to charge full steam ahead on those new ideas you’ve been kicking around, your action will inspire others. Mid of the week, keep up the momentum and don’t be afraid to use the people around you to get what you want — they’re there to help. End of the week be careful not to forget about friends and family.

Your lucky color of the week is purple

Your lucky number of the week is 3



Master Deepak Ji says, let caution be your guide this week, as your risks and rewards might be hard to tell apart. Beware that all that glitters is not gold, and know-it-alls usually don’t know anything. Mid-week, that annoying boss who loves to throw their weight around is pushing you over the edge. They are purposefully trying to provoke you, so don’t let it get to you. End of the week will give you some relief.

Your lucky color of the week is blue

Your lucky number of the week is 5



Start of the week, you’ll be restraining yourself a lot. Mid-week, Confusing things happen at work you will get apart from some of your close friends. End of the week, its best if you just watch from the sidelines, & don’t get involved you run the risk of changing your mind based on the wrong information. End of the week would be a great time to satisfy your creative urges with a trip says Master Deepak Ji.


Your lucky color of the week is orange

Your lucky number of the week is 7


start of the week you are little self-centered, some problems in your social life have got you thinking twice about things; restore your positive energy by treating yourself well. Mid-week you will feel like being alone as give yourself the space you need.  End of the week, your good energy will surge back, and you’ll be ready to re-connect with friends. Look for opportunities to help others — you’ll end up helping yourself at the same time.

Your lucky color of the week is grey

Your lucky numbers of the week are 9

  • LEO                                                                                                                                                       

Start of the week romantic memories will stick with you, Expect some travel in the early part of the week be careful of your belongings warns Master Deepak ji. Mid of the week you’ll know exactly where you want to go next! People with small minds will annoy you; of course, you’ll still make a good impression on them. As the week-ends, it’s best for you to listen, be calm and not fly off the handle.


Your Lucky color of the week is bronze

Your lucky numbers of the week is 1.                                                                                                 


Start of the week, Try things at a slower pace see how it feels don’t hush to any decision. Mid of the week, family obligation will cause a bit of conflict. Take a risk and suffer the consequences (they won’t be that bad). End of the week if you’re currently unattached, someone you meet through work will provide an opportunity for romance. Be generous in your assessment of others. Just like you, they’re doing the best they can.


Your lucky color of the week is grey                                                                                                                    

Your lucky number of the week is 2                                                                                                


Start of the week, seek out new experiences and innovative ideas. Mid-week, some bad memories from your past come into play you can see them in a new way and learn from them. By end of the week, a fresh, romantic breeze will blow all your blues away. Intellectual connections will inspire your creativity — but resist the urge to cancel plans in order to get started on a project.


Your lucky color of the week is green

Your lucky number of the week is 4



Start of the week, you’ve got good instincts, people will urge you to ‘just go with the flow’, but you know what’s best, so listen to your heart. Mid of the week, ambition wears down your self-control as you move further into the week. You’re working very well with an influential person in the office who’s good at making empty promises, so proceed, with caution. End of the week, there’s some negative energy around your home at the end of the week. A small home enhancement or renovation project could be the perfect remedy to your stress.

Your lucky color of the week is pink

Your lucky number of the week is 6.


Start of the week, you are emotional as you are praised by your closest friend. Mid of the week, Money, or your lack of it, is on your mind as some big bills are due be cautious in your expenditure this week. End of the week, you might feel a bit emotionally exhausted, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and painting the town red. There are many people who want to meet you.


Your lucky color of the week is blue

Your lucky number of the week is 1


Start of the week, your perfectionism is going to be valuable.  You’ve got some a few challenges right off the bat, and you’ll need to stick to the plan to get everything done. Mid-week, discipline is key, and everyone praises your accomplishments. Their positive feedback will give you a nice boost of energy, which will come in handy for new adventures at the end of the week. There’s a lot of creativity coming into play: singing, dancing or painting.


Your lucky color of the week is brown

Your lucky number of the week is 9


Start of the week, you’re entering some wonderful opportunities. Mid-week, you’ll get a nice burst of energy that will drive you to explore new things and think seriously about making a big change. Make sure you have a well-developed plan for that change, or you’ll end up going around in circles. Watch your expenditure on the week end, it can lead to some unnecessary credits.

Your lucky color of the week is yellow

Your lucky number of the week is 3

  • PISCES  

Start of the week, some controversy will begin, stand up for what you believe, even if those in power may disagree. Luck will be in your side. Just make sure to be diplomatic and tactful — you’ll need to form your words carefully. Some of your seldom used skills will come in handy in the middle of the week when you answer an unexpected cry for help from a friend. Their gratitude will give you a nice, warm feeling. End  of the week you will be traveling on the holiday trip


Your lucky color of the week is white

Your lucky number of the week is 4


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