Worshiping Lord Shiva can make your life perfect

Lord Shiva Also entitled as Maha Dev is one of the three major Deities of Hindus. He has the power to purify ones mind body and soul just reciting his name. One of the major festival Dedicated to Shiva is Shivratri and it is believed  thet he married Parvati on this day.  It is also belived that on this day he drank the poison that came out after churning of the ocean.  He is worshiped by offering Milk, water bel patra and dhatura (devils trumpet). We offer him dhatura (devils trumpet)  because it is said that he takes all our sins and evils and makes us virtuous and pious.  IF one worships Lord  shiva  and fasts on shivratri he gets the benefits that are unmatchable from any other fast.

Master Deepak ji explains the benefits of worshiping lord shiva. He also explains what should be offered to lord Shiva as per the birth sign.

Here are some benefits you receive worshiping Lord shiva.

Benefits of worshiping lord shiva :-

  1. Worshiping Lord Shiva gives you long and satisfactory life.
  2. Worshiping lord shiva makes you fearless and brave.
  3. Worshiping lord shiva removes all the obstacles in marital life.
  4. Worshiping Lord Shiva & keeping sola som-vaar fast gives you spouse of your dreams.  
  5. Worshiping Lord shiva and chanting maha mrutanjay mantra removes doshas like             kaal sarp dosha and mangal dosha and even fear of uncertain death.
  6. Worshiping Lord shiva can help you attaining salvation.
  7. Worshiping Lord shiva gives fertility.
  8. Worshiping Lord shiva makes your mind body and soul clean.
  9. Worshiping Lord shiva keeps you away from major diseases and health issues.
  10. Worshiping lord shiva keeps your enemies away.


Offerings to shivling as per your birth sign:-

  1. Aries– offer red sandal,  flowers of kaner & sweet chapatti, worship lord shiva by offering water of molasses to shivling.

Chant:- omnamoh bhagwate rudray 108 times

  1. Taurus– Offer curd, white flowers, rice and white sugar to shivling.

Chant :- Shiv gayatri mantra  108 times

  1. Gemini– offer sugarcane juice, doob, kusha, & green moong.

Chant :-  mahamrutanjay manra

  1. Cancer– offer  milk, shankhpushpi & ghee to shivling.

Chant: – om nahmo shivay 108 times.

  1. Leo– offer madar flowers, molasses water, rice kheer to shivling.

Chant :-   shiva dhyan mantra.

  1. Virgo – offer pan leaf, supari, sugarcane juice  dhoop and bhang to lord shiva.

Chant :- omnamoh bhagwate rudray 108 times

  1. Libra – offer aromatic oil like sandal wood oil shreekhand, white flowers & curd to shivling

Chant :- shiva dhyan mantra

  1. Scorpio– offer panchamrit made of gangajal, tulsi, ghee, milk and honey and red flowers, you can offer rose to shivling.

Chant :- om nahmo shivay 108 times.

  1. Sagittarius– offer genda flowers, milk mi with turmeric, besan ladoo to shivling.

Chant :- om nahmo shivay 108 times.

  1. Capricorn– offer urad daal, blue flowers and coconut water to shivling.

Chant :- mahamrutanjay manra

  1. Aquarius – offer urad dal, shami flowers,  sesame oil, and sweets to shivling.

Chant :- Shiv gayatri mantra  108 times

  1. Pisces– offer Milk, saffron, curd,  yellow mustuard, kesar, and turmeric to shivling.

Chant :-om nahmo shivay 108 times.

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