Significance of Turmeric in Vedic Astrology

Did you know small spice like turmeric has great astrological powers.  

Turmeric is known as haridra in Sanskrit and Haldi in Hindi. Any Indian house is incomplete without Turmeric.  It is one of the main spices used in Indian culture in coking and Ayurvedic medicines. It is also used as beauty product but in Hinduism it has much more significance than merely being a cooking spice. Turmeric is regarded as extremely auspicious in Hindu culture and   is used as holy entity in many Indian rituals and prayers and is offered to gods and goddess.  If your Jupiter is malefic or week or Jupiter is the lord of 1st  4th, 5th, 9th & 10th  house in your birth chart than  following remedies given below can be of great benefit.

Here are some remedies related through turmeric by Master Deepak Ji.

  1. To strengthen Jupiter tie Turmeric root on neck or wrist on Thursday.
  2. If you can’t purchase pukhraj you can use Turmeric to avail benefits of pukhraj in different ways.
  3. Using Turmeric teeka on forehead makes our mind peaceful.
  4. Making Turmeric swastik on main door keeps your home safe from negative energies.
  5. Adding pinch of Turmeric in your bathing water improves your bad Jupiter and stenghhten your week Jupiter. It also purifies your body and soul.
  6. Offering Turmeric to laxmi ganesh is considered auspicious.
  7. Drink pinch of Turmeric mix with milk it will give great benefits of Jupiter.
  8. Haldi ubtan (turmeric paste)  is applied to bride and groom before marriage not only to bring skin glow but it also provides blessings of Jupiter  and removes negativity from mind body and soul which is very important for such auspicious occasion.
  9. Turmeric  can remove negativity of the house thus keep a glass of water mix with pinch of Turmeric   during your prayer and sprinkling that water after prayer  helps removing negativity.
  10. Offering Turmeric rice (cooked) to Indian priest (Brahmin) on Thursdays is considered auspicious.

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