Weekly Overview Mar 7 – Mar 13, 2016

Weekly Overview and predictions of your Horoscope by MASTER DEEPAK Ji

From March 7 2015 thru March 13th 2016




Your career is all you can think in the star of week. There’s a lot going on right now, and your reputation at work is at stake thought the week. Do this well and you will really impress everyone; the key is to be flexible but focused. Middle of the week is a good time to enhance security, repair, and renovation or decorate your home. End of the week, when all your efforts start to pay off, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. The week ahead is benevolent & easy. But Master Deepak Ji also warns and asks you to stay out of the limelight, away from competitive situations, Contemplate and Plan.  Health seems fine throughout the week.


Your lucky color of the week is brown

Your lucky numbers of the week is2





start of the week there can be an expectation for you to take responsibility somehow. They will take more than what they will give. You must resist in no uncertain terms. Be subtle while maintaining underlying determination. You’ll be tested – and observed by higher-ups, in the middle of the week. End of the week you can also invest brilliantly, enjoy intimacy, diagnose problems and change your lifestyle for the better but protect your health, eat, dress sensibly. Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations, contracts and litigation, friends and enemies, challenges and co-operation, fill your week ahead.  


Your lucky color of the week is off white.  

Your lucky numbers of the week is 7





Start  of the week you are struggling with your thoughts your brain and heart is not together hence don’t take any big decision now as it can turn wrong. In the middle of the week pay attention to your health, and don’t let anyone mount over you this week, be firm. To avoid the rising disputes maintain your good humor throughout the week. ..

Your lucky color of the week is pink

Your lucky numbers of the week is 4




At the start of the week, think about making a long-term commitment to a foreign business deal, as this week you have the courage to try out and take risks! By the middle of the week, you’ll be feeling much less daring slowing back down and getting grounded. By the end of the week, your desire for freshness will attract you towards new folks and into new experiences. On the weekend take out some time for yourself as you need to rethink the big picture.  

Your lucky color of the week is orange

Your lucky number of the week is 1

  • LEO

As the week begins, you should focus spending your time, energy and money at your household. Towards the middle of the week, it’s a good time for you to start up new projects and doing some investments but do take professionals advice before investing big advices, Master Deepak ji. Towards the end of the week, you can try something strangely new and take some risk. Have faith in yourself.  On the weekend be careful of your health.

Your Lucky color of the week is purple

Your lucky number of the week is 5





At start of the week Interaction with friends can create a lot more than expected. Someone is really serious about you more than you thought off give that person a chance.  Mid of the week plans for a journey could run into some problems. It would be better to postpone it.  At work lazy attitude could land you in trouble. End of the week Master Deepak ji advices to void arguments. You need to be careful about your health this week.


Your lucky color of the week is maroon

Your lucky number of the week is 9




Master Deepak Ji says, start of the week your ongoing health issues could improve. Middle of the week you’re in the ideal mood to tackle this new challenge in your love life, you might meet someone new. If you are of the right age and kept going soon little ones could fill your life with happiness. Just go in with both eyes open.  Whatever happens this week, communicate your feelings. End of the week your investment might grow slowly but deeply. Position at your work will also grow

stronger.lucky color of the week is white

Your lucky number of the week is 8






Start of the week your luck will support and most of your work will complete. But Master Deepak Ji’s advice for you is to re-think in decision making.  And this transit will bring you happiness. Don’t be extravagant and don’t get into arguments. Also try to settle the legal matters outside the court.  This week you can expand your monetary investments.


Your lucky color of the week is  bottle green

             Your lucky number of the week is 6


Start of the week will be filled with disruptions and commotions that threaten to keep you from completing your daily errands. Maintain your calm.mid-week think about your future. Everything is possible if you persist says Master Deepak Ji.  End of the week you will make rapid progress in your work or profession. On week end you will find plenty of time to do your favorite activities. Ji.

Your lucky color of the week is grey

Your lucky number of the week is 3



start of the week you are little self-centered, some problems in your social life have got you thinking twice about things; restore your positive energy by treating yourself well. Mid-week you will feel like being alone as give yourself the space you need.  End of the week, your good energy will surge back, and you’ll be ready to re-connect with friends. Look for opportunities to help others you’ll end up helping yourself at the same time.


Your lucky color of the week is yellow

Your lucky number of the week is 2



Start of the week, you are emotional as you are praised by your closest friend. Mid of the week, Money, or your lack of it, is on your mind as some big bills are due be cautious in your expenditure this week. End of the week, you might feel a bit emotionally exhausted, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and painting the town red. There are many people who want to meet you.

Your lucky color of the week is red

Your lucky number of the week is 9


Master Deepak Ji says, let caution be your guide this week, as your risks and rewards might be hard to tell apart. Beware that all that glitters is not gold, and know-it-alls usually don’t know anything. Mid-week, that annoying boss who loves to throw their weight around is pushing you over the edge. They are purposefully trying to provoke you, so don’t let it get to you. End of the week will give you some relief.


Your lucky color of the week is gold

Your lucky number of the week is 4


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