Swastk : Importance and Philosophy

Swatik depicts numerous meanings in various religions & cultures. Swastik is the sign that is known & accepted globally for its piousness. In Hinduism Swastik means fortune. It is a symbol of peace & prosperity Swastik is regarded highly auspicious in Hindu mythology, and in astrology and it has its significance in vastu shastra as well. Swastick symbol is thus used in almost all Hindu worships & is made on doors, entrance books etc during auspicious occasions. Not only in Hindus but similar shapes like Swastik hold their importance in many religions & cultures. But did you ever thought why this symbol is so auspicious to us, and how Swastika benefits us and brings us fortune.
Here is what Master Deepak ji tells us why we should regard Swastik. Swastik stands out in our Cultural & religious beliefs because of its incredibly insightful philosophical depth involved in the idea behind it.

Philosophy behind Swastik-

The four sides or the four limbs of Swastik depict many different things and has deep philosophy attached to it. As per Hindu philosophy the four sides of Swastik are the four main Hindu veda’ s which are four pillars of Hinduism. Rig Veda, Sama veda, Yajur Veda, & Arth veda. The four sides also depict, the four stages of human’s life. Brahmcharya – the student’s life. Grihista the family life. Vanaprastha – the retired life. Sanyasa – the religious life. The four sides of Swastika also illustrate four goals of life. Dharma – religion, arth – success, Kama – pleasure, moksha release. Hence forth Swastik in Hindu philosophy is a symbol that brings success in all the fields of life.

Why Swastik is symbol of Shiva –

The upright lines or the vertical lines of the Swastik indicate the self-birth and jyotir-lings (lustrous phallus) which relate to Lord Shiva. Hence the Swastika symbol is also the Symbol of power symbol of Shiva. And thus Swastik holds the power to bring in the positivity in our lives.

Why Swastik is symbol of lord Vishnu & Brahma-

Swastika is among 108 symbol of Lord Vishnu. The four sides of the Swastik indicate the 4 hands of Vishnu pointing towards 4 directions north, south, east, and west. The four sides also depict the four faces of Brahma looking at four directions. This means that both Lord Vishnu & Brahma are looking at us & blessing us. The middle part of the Swastika is the place of nabhi kamal (navel like lotus) of lord Vishnu & is also the pace of brahma. Thus it is also called as the symbol of shri (bliss) which means it is a sign of lord vishnu & Brahma. Hence symbol of Swastika gives us strength, steadiness & determination & also offers us joy of life.

Why Swastik is symbol of Sun –

Swastika is also regarded as symbol of sun. The right side of Swastika signifies the rotation of sun, which starts from the North then east, south and lastly to west. Sun is one of the reasons of existence of life on the earth and thus the symbol of Swastik holds auspicious importance to us in our daily lives.

Why Swastik is symbol of lord Ganesha & Goddess Laxmi –

Swastik is also symbolic form of Ganpati & Laxmi. Ofen Lord Ganesha is depicted sitting on the lotus kept on bed of Swastika. That’s the reason why Swastika is worshiped in Diwali poojan along with goddess laxmi & ganesha. & hence it brings us prosperity, success wealth & fortune.

What is the Connection of Swastika with stars

Swastik also has relationship with astronomy. It is the root sign of saptrishi collection of 7 stars, which in hindu mythology are recognized as seven peers. Giving place and prominence to Swastika ensures the blessings of seven peer’s name.
Remedy thru Swastik to bring success in life –
Swastika made with 9 gems on silver eradicates all the vastu dosha.
9inch of Swastika is considered extremely auspicious.
Swastika made on panch dhatu stuck on door will bring in fortune and wellbeing for whole family.
Worshiping god & goddess after making them sit on the Swastika brings success soon.
During the Hindu marriages couples are shown the sign of Swastik so that their upcoming life is filled with love & happiness.
If the infant is made to sleep in the cloth with Swastik mark on the 6th day of birth Swastik brings him fortune & good health & blessings.
If Swastik is printed on the doors it’s pious effects will bring the good news in and keep the house safe from any natural calamity.

Swastik, the symbol of life, prosperity. Swastik, the symbol that eradicates negativity. By drawing this simple Swastika you can invoke blessings of Brahma Vishnu & Mahesh. This is just one symbol that has deep depth behind its foundation. Hence Swastik must be given prominence in our day to day life to attain sovereignty, positivity, success , & joy of life says Master Deepak ji.

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